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If Solutions Limited is still a family owned and run business and we care passionately about what we do and in turn how we are thought of by our clients; many of whom have been regulars for over 10 years.

We always strive for customer satisfaction

We always strive to offer a service that makes our client’s interaction with us a pleasurable and uncomplicated one.

We are straightforward people with lots and lots of experience (almost 200 year’s collective experience in the promotions industry) and we never say “yes” when we mean “maybe” – particularly important when, as is often the case, we have clients requesting really urgent delivery dates!

We give you our promise

We are not perfect but we work hard to be as close as we can be and you will always get a prompt, sensible and pertinent response from us no matter what the question.

You have a choice, we know we are not your only option, but we promise we will always do our level best to be your favourite one

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